My Expertise

Solving business problems

I am an expert in solving business problems through technology and proper processes. Working through 50+ projects across all major industries has added to the experience of understanding business problems and solutioning. All problems can be solved, just needs a proper path.

What you can expect
  • Fractional Leader
  • Wide range of experience in your industry
  • Proper Planning and Implementation
Recent Industries
  • Ecommerce and SAAS
  • Enterprise Automation/Integration
  • Geography Expansions

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Web and Mobile App Development

Experience in most tech stacks and integrations. Ranging from consumer focused platforms to enterprise to B2B platforms. Up to date on new tech stacks and benfits/opportunities of different technologies including distributed ledger, blockchain, and AI. Partnered with various organizations to build out any dream.

  • SAAS and B2B Applications
  • Development Resources
  • Custom Software

Project Strategy & Development

Over 100+ projects under the belt ranging from startups to Fortune 500 enterprises. Defining and understanding requirements from business needs to translating for developers.

  • Requirements Gathering
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Building Software Products

Fractional Leadership

Seasoned leader in consulting and leading my own businesses. Technology and business processes are key areas of expertise. Management coaching, executive consulting, and operational expert.

  • Fractional Executive
  • Executive Consulting
  • Deep Technical Network

Business Processes & Automation

Automating with a purpose. Analyzing and finding the proper bottlenecks in business processes to free up employees to do what they do best. Understanding theses processes and automating effectively are crucial.

  • Business Automation
  • Business & Process Analysis
  • Building Efficiency